Coaching Packages

3 Month 



-2 Coaching sessions the first month, then 1 session each month after that. Total: 4 Sessions

- Financial Freedom Plan tailored to your goals

-Detailed creation of a budget

- Support in developing healthy money habits

-Money mindset and motivation hacks

- Optional 15 min. check-in call each month

- Unlimited Follow-up questions via email

 Price: $640 or $223/month



"I had an amazing coaching session with Kendall today! She has a very nonjudgmental but supportive approach when discussing your finances and goals. She was very prepared for our meeting and we were able to cover a lot in one session. She used many tools to illustrate how to implement some of the ideas we discussed. She even follows up with an email that includes a summary and your action steps. I highly recommend! " 


"Kendall helped me map out my budget for the next several months, determine my financial goals and priorities for the next year, as I graduate from college and determine the next steps in my career. More than anything, Kendall taught me the importance of goal-setting; understanding the "why" behind my financial goals and how to take incremental steps to get there. Thank you for your encouragement, wisdom, kindness and for walking me through the numbers! " 


"I had a coaching session with Kendall last week. She's incredibly generous, resourceful, encouraging and helpful. Altogether just a super beautiful human being! She celebrated our wins, helped brainstorm ideas to reach our goals, shared resources, and summarized everything we talked about in detail with next steps. If you're looking for a certified financial educator, I HIGHLY recommend her. She hoors her values with actionable moves (hence coaching geared to BIPOC), she loves what she does, and she's truly invested in people's success and growth." 


"I had the pleasure of working with Kendall during a coaching session and she so much care for the client. Getting to know who I am, what my needs are and how I would like to obtain my goals showed the level of time she put into preparing for our meeting and assisting me. It's important to always find someone who's trustworthy and compassionate and I can say confidently that Kendall has these qualities. " 

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