• Kendall Berry

Spenders & Savers - A Perfect Match

Like PB&J - Savers and spenders are a match made in personal finance heaven.

Savers help us think long term about our goals.

Spenders help us remember that a healthy relationship towards money includes spending some!

My husband is the saver and I'm the spender in our relationship. Not surprisingly, his "fun money" account is in the thousands while mine goes to $0 two weeks into the month. While our "fun money" accounts may show a difference in spending styles, the rest of our budget reflects a unified financial plan.

Most couples have one of each - a saver and a spender. The difference in perspectives CAN be a source of frustration and money fights, but it doesn't have to be that way! I truly believe that both perspectives are important to enjoy a healthy financial life.⠀Through coaching, I help my couples get on the same page about their goals, and create a budget that allows for both savings and fun.

If you're ready to have your finances go an argument to an accomplishment, schedule your complimentary consultation HERE.

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