• Kendall Berry

How I Saved $495 in 15 Minutes by Challenging A Medical Bill

Have you every gotten a medical bill and wondered why it was so high? Did you pay it anyways or did you call to verify that it was correct? Recently, we had some fertility testing done at a clinic. At our initial consultation, we had been assured that the testing would be covered by insurance. I received a bill of $495 for a portion of that testing, which was a shock since we weren't expecting a bill. I knew something didn't seem right, but it seemed both a hassle to make the phone calls, and a bit intimidating to question the bill. For a brief moment I almost paid it, but because it was so big, I decided it would be worth inquiring about. I called my provider, then insurance, and then waited on hold for a few minutes while my insurance company spoke with the provider. Sure enough, someone had coded the original service incorrectly. They assured me they will fix this issue and I will get a statement reflecting that I owe $0. The calls totaled about 15 minutes in length and saved us $495! Talk about return on time invested!! If something doesn’t seem right it is WELL WORTH the time and hassle to call your insurance and the provider to make sure you aren’t being over charged. Pay attention to your medical procedures and the bills you receive, it’s very possible that catching a mistake could save you hundreds or even thousands!

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