• Kendall Berry

My Journey to Financial Coaching

Kendall Berry, Harrisburg Finance Coach

I think it's time I did an introductory post to tell you a bit more my journey to becoming a financial coach:

My name is Kendall, and I’m a Christian, Army wife and a Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach living in Harrisburg, PA. Back in 2016, I was working in the social work field and feeling burnt out at my job. We realized that we had quite a bit of debt that would ultimately hold us back if we had children because we wanted the freedom for me to stay home with them. Around that time our church announced they were offering Financial Peace University. We attended the course, and it completely changed our life!

Over the next few months, we got on a plan, made our money work for us and paid off over $50,000 in consumer debt. During that time we also cash flowed a car purchase and some home repairs. Right now we are working on paying off our house early and hope to be completely mortgage free in the next 10 years! Overall, we have seen our financial outlook change by more than $100,000, and know that with time our investments will grow to be in the millions. With our new found financial freedom I was able to leave my job in social work, follow my passion, and start my own business as a financial coach. I believe financial freedom is possible for everyone and I’d love to help you get on a plan to reach your financial goals! I believe that financial freedom is possible for everyone, including you! If you want to hear more about how hiring a financial coach can benefit you, I offer free consultations. Feel free to message me through my website or email

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