• Kendall Berry

Choose a Major that will Lead to a Job... Post #3 in the Rewarding Career Without Debt Series

Attending college should be a business decision. Ask yourself: "Will there be a return on this investment?" "Am I studying something that will lead to a career?" . Instead of entering college "undecided", take some time to work and shadow jobs that interest you so that you can choose a major where your skills and interests intersect. Don’t go to college just to go or because everyone else is doing it, go because it’s the best path for YOU. . “But what if my interests are in a subject that’s not applicable to the market? Like say German Polka History?” If it’s not going to help you pay rent, it sounds like a great hobby! Consider a degree field that will help you land a job. You can audit a hobby class for fun on the side, but your focus should be setting yourself up for a rewarding career.

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