• Kendall Berry

7 Strategies for Attending College Without Debt

Here are some strategies for attending college without debt: #1. Retake the SAT/ACTs to raise your score.

There are study books, classes and you can even hire a tutor to help you prepare for these tests. Raising your score can help you qualify for more scholarships. #2. Complete your Gen Eds at a community college.

You can cut thousands off the cost of your education by taking your general courses at a community college and then transferring. Many high schools also have opportunities to take college courses before graduation! #3. Choose a school where you can get in-state tuition.

School choice is the biggest factor in the cost of your schooling. State schools provide an excellent education and are usually more affordable than private schools or going to a school in a different state.

#4. Apply for 1000+ scholarships.

Make applying for scholarships your job! Use sites like, and apply for several PER DAY! This is free money that often goes unclaimed.

#5. Join the military.

Serve your country, gain life and job skills, and get a free education.

#6. Work for an employer that will pay for your education.

Many employers offer tuition reimbursement, or will pay for your degree in exchange for working for them for several years. #7. Hustle hard & get to work!

Get a job (and NOT a minimum wage job.) Babysit, cut grass, tutor, clean homes - anything that pays well - save up what you’ll need to cash flow your education. What other strategies can you think of?

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