• Kendall Berry

Like PB&J - Savers and spenders are a match made in personal finance heaven.

Savers help us think long term about our goals.

Spenders help us remember that a healthy relationship towards money includes spending some!

My husband is the saver and I'm the spender in our relationship. Not surprisingly, his "fun money" account is in the thousands while mine goes to $0 two weeks into the month. While our "fun money" accounts may show a difference in spending styles, the rest of our budget reflects a unified financial plan.

Most couples have one of each - a saver and a spender. The difference in perspectives CAN be a source of frustration and money fights, but it doesn't have to be that way! I truly believe that both perspectives are important to enjoy a healthy financial life.⠀Through coaching, I help my couples get on the same page about their goals, and create a budget that allows for both savings and fun.

If you're ready to have your finances go an argument to an accomplishment, schedule your complimentary consultation HERE.

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  • Kendall Berry

I’ve been a loyal Verizon customer since my first flip phone at age 16. (Remember the good old days when they used to give you a free phone with renewing your contract? RIP.) I’ve always justified my expensive phone contract by saying "they’re the best carrier, with the best coverage and fastest speed!" As if this justified the purchase as a “need” instead of a “want”. The last few years I’ve become more conscious of our budget, trying to find ways to cut back expenses so we can maximize the impact of our income. However, our phone service was the last thing I wanted to address. Isn't it interesting how my brand loyalty to Verizon made me not want to consider a change, even though I knew we could save quite a bit of money? We’ve finally decided to break with our brand name service and try a budget friendly option. Here are the specs: Old Verizon Plan - 2 phones, unlimited talk/text, 2 GB SHARED data for $87.53/month

New Mint Mobile Plan - 2 phones, unlimited talk/text, 3GB EACH for $30/month. And yes I can bring my number with me! Mint Mobile’s prices are low because: - You bring your own phone or purchase one outright - They don’t offer unlimited plans - They are all online (no brick and mortar stores mean less overhead) - They use TMobile’s network - Plans are prepaid and you can purchase months in bulk to save

We switched over yesterday, so I’m excited to share more about my experiences as we test out the service! Have you considered switching wireless plans to save money?

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Have you every gotten a medical bill and wondered why it was so high? Did you pay it anyways or did you call to verify that it was correct? Recently, we had some fertility testing done at a clinic. At our initial consultation, we had been assured that the testing would be covered by insurance. I received a bill of $495 for a portion of that testing, which was a shock since we weren't expecting a bill. I knew something didn't seem right, but it seemed both a hassle to make the phone calls, and a bit intimidating to question the bill. For a brief moment I almost paid it, but because it was so big, I decided it would be worth inquiring about. I called my provider, then insurance, and then waited on hold for a few minutes while my insurance company spoke with the provider. Sure enough, someone had coded the original service incorrectly. They assured me they will fix this issue and I will get a statement reflecting that I owe $0. The calls totaled about 15 minutes in length and saved us $495! Talk about return on time invested!! If something doesn’t seem right it is WELL WORTH the time and hassle to call your insurance and the provider to make sure you aren’t being over charged. Pay attention to your medical procedures and the bills you receive, it’s very possible that catching a mistake could save you hundreds or even thousands!

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